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5 Extras to Consider When Renting a Party Tent


When is a tent more than a tent? The answer is surprisingly simple: when you decide to add a few party-ready extras! Here are seven to consider before you finalize your tent rental.

#1: A festive color

Most party tents are white. That’s because white goes with everything – and in the hot Florida sun, white helps to deflect heat and keep your guests cool.

Of course, not everybody wants a white tent. Colored tents are available, but they’re generally more expensive than the standard white. If you have your heart set on a colored tent, start shopping early to find what you want.

#2: Tent walls

Tent walls can feature windows to let in light. Most people having parties in the warm weather choose to forego walls to help their guests stay cool.

However, for evening events or events in the cooler months, walls can help keep your guests comfortable. Keep in mind that fabric walls don’t do much – you’ll need something sturdier.

#3: Fans, air conditioners, and heaters

If you’re hosting a summertime event, skip the tent walls and bring in some fans – or add walls and spring for an air conditioner to beat the heat.

In the cooler months or for nighttime events, you may want to consider having heaters on hand to take the edge off the chill – especially if your guests are dressed in evening clothes.

#4: Flooring

Hosting an event in a tent is not like hosting an indoor event – but some people still prefer to have a floor in place. Tent floors work best on flat terrain. You can expect to pay more if you want carpet.

A less expensive option is to rent a dance floor. That way, guests will have a flat, hard surface to dance on – and everywhere else, you can enjoy the grass or sand.

#5: Lighting

The final add-on you may want to consider is tent lighting. Most tent rental companies store multiple kinds of lights to choose from.

Another option is to use Christmas lights or twinkle lights. If you do that, keep in mind that it takes a lot of lights to create a festive effect in a large tent – up to 10 times as many as you’d need for home decoration.


Adding extras to your tent can help ensure the comfort of your guests – and the party look you want. Shore Tents and Events can help you create the perfect party atmosphere.

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