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Best Party Themes for Kids and Teens

Kids party

While throwing a party or hosting any other event, don’t just go with ordinary set ups, think of a theme to make it special. Event like birthdays, weddings or reunion parties must have a theme. You can arrange any themed event with the help of party rentals. Shore Tents & Events is the party rentals provider to go to in Florida. They provide great party rentals near me. With that said, let’s move on to take a look at some creative ideas with which you will never run out  of for you events:

Kids’ Event Ideas:

  1. The Floral:

Usually kids go for painting theme parties. Take a break from that and this time try the floral theme for a new twist. With this theme you can make your party more fun and creative. By involving their friends, siblings and parents kids can learn to make different flower patterns. They can make different origami flowers as well as paper cut flowers. If that’s not enough for kids, you can add a floral painting competition too.

  1. The Royal Theme

Princesses can never get old and so does this theme. Let’s try the Princess theme party with a new twist. Mix and match the princess theme with a cooking party. Teach all the beautifully dressed princesses to learn how to cook. If you do not find it safe for kids to go near the oven to bake cupcakes, you can have small ornaments to help them learn. Don’t forget to involve the princes in the activity AS WE;;. Let them help the princess or cook if they want.

  1. Chill in the Spa

If you want try something altogether different and new then go for a spa theme party. But what are the kids going to do in such a party? Let’s figure out.

With such a theme kids will not need to get dressed all fancy and sparkly. They can simply wear their slippers and bath robes. An added benefit is that parents will not have to rush to the market to get the costumes. Let the kids play with some spa products and enjoy facials and shoulders massages from each other.


Teens Party Ideas:

  1. The “Now Showing” Party

We all can agree with the fact that teens love watching movies and TV shows

So let’s turn their favourite show time into a party time. Arrange a projector or a big screen and let them watch a selected movie together. Don’t make it so simple though. Let them enjoy popcorns and soft drinks during the show and some refreshment afterwards.


  1. Fairytale Party

Teen guests can wear a fairytale costume and be the character for some time. Besides just sitting, talking and enjoying snacks, you can have a small contest for the best costume or a Cosplay fashion show.


Making parties fun and interesting is not that difficult you just need to think outside the box to come up with a different and new idea for theme parties and events.

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