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Best Tents To Consider For Your Outdoor Party

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There are two main types of tents available for an outdoor party. These include sailcloth and frame tents. Both have a number of interesting features and evoke different feelings in partygoers. We’ll go over them here in order to help you make the best decision for your next tent rental tampa.

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A sailcloth tent is made from a lightweight material. They are designed to be almost translucent, in a way that lets in plenty of natural light, while at the same time, still providing plenty of shade. These tents tend to come with artistic-looking draping that resembles an actual ship’s sail but without being overtly nautical. If you want a tent for your next tent rental tampa that seems to glow at night when it’s all lit up, or that allows for a lot of natural light during the daytime, then this is your best bet.

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Sailcloth tents are more formal than their framed counterparts. This is due in part to the material and its translucency. They are also much more photogenic since these tents tend to have more peaks on top. Unlike other tents that only have one peak, due to the unique frame structure under sailcloth tents, you’ll find ones that have up to three or four. This allows the fabric to drape better, providing a very romantic look. Also, since the frames are set up differently, you’ll have an easier time finding a large sailcloth tent rental tampa that allows for more space. These tents can be up to 100 feet long. That will accommodate quite a few guests. They are perfect for weddings.

Frame Tents

On the other hand, frame tents are quite different. They have a canopy that is much more solid than sailcloth tents. This means that you won’t have that romantic glow. With that said, frame tents are better for very hot, sunny days where you need to keep out as many UVA rays as possible.

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Their opaque fabric makes this possible. Frame tents are boxier than sailcloth ones, although you do have the option of camouflaging some of this boxiness with fabric draperies on the supports. Even so, they do look very serious and sturdy, which can be a good thing.

They also have a higher ceiling clearance. If you want a disco ball or some other large decoration hanging from the ceiling, then you need a frame tent. They can easily accommodate this in a way that sailcloth tents cannot.If you want a tent rental tampa that looks extremely formal, then this is the best one for you.

These frame tents have higher peaks at the top – only one, compared to the several that appear on sailcloth tents – because their frames are stronger and designed to support the weight of the fabric.

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Have you made your decision on your tent rental in Tampa? If so, or if you have additional questions regarding which one will be best for your event, just contact us.

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