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5 Tips To Plan A Wedding On A Budget


When you get engaged, people around you want to know the time when you are going to get married. Mostly, engagements are simpler than weddings. If you are planning your wedding and want to get it done within a small budget, here is some tips for to you to stay within your budget for your wedding:

The outfit

If you want to save money, purchasing a used dress or renting a wedding dress can be helpful. Wedding dresses are worn only once, therefore, they look just like new even when they are sold secondhand. Consignment stores in your local are may carry used wedding dresses. You can find a suitable dress from those shops.

The flowers

The most used item in decorating a wedding venue is flowers, but they can also be amongst the most expensive things for a wedding venue. Shopping from wholesalers for flowers can save you a lot of money

The venue for reception

Wedding reception venues can cost you less during the off-season like in January to March, and during the week days. Keep your guest list below a hundred to throw a perfect and lavish wedding reception. You should keep you guest list smaller in order to save money on your wedding.  Reception furnishing can cost you a lot. Try to choose furnishings for your wedding reception that suits your budget. Shore Tents & Events provides all kinds of wedding furniture and tents at a reasonable price. You must check out their collection of chairs. I can say that Shore Tents & Events provides the best chair rentals near me.

The caterer

Many people think that buffets are cheaper than a plated meal, but this is not always true. Most of the times buffets can be expensive as you must have multiple choices. Also, you cannot estimate the quantity of food a guest might take. Discuss the matter with your caterer before deciding the type of dinner you want. You can also have food trucks on your wedding. They can prove to be an easy alternative to fancy buffets and expensive caterers. This way you can do something different than the crowd while providing your guests a memory to cherish about your wedding.

The photographer

You can cut your photography cost by limiting the time for which your photographer is going to stay. If you are getting married during the off season, you will be able to find better photography deals than those in the fall or summer.

You can contact local college students who study photography and are interested in expanding their portfolio through covering different events. They will charge you less while providing good quality services.

Happily Ever After!

It may not sound very romantic if you are looking for ways to save money on your wedding but it can prove to be very useful for you and your spouse in the future. You can spend the saved money on your honey moon or your new house.

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