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4 Tips For Choosing Event Tents


When you’re in search for the best tents out there, it’s quite important to know the exact one you need for your big party. We present to you 4 tips for choosing the perfect event tents for your next outdoor party.Look For Tent Rental Tampa & Clearwater  Services as they most trendiest varieties of tables and chair.

  • What’s the actual size of the tent I need?

The first tip is knowing the size of the tent you want to use and that depends on a few factors.

  • The first factor is considering the actual number of guests that you will be hosting.
  • Secondly, you need to also know whether people will be eating beneath this tents that you are planning to rent.
  • Finally, if you’ve decided whether they will be eating under this tent then you need to choose the type of tables you plan to use.

Tent Rental Tampa & Clearwater

If you go for rectangular tables, you will need 10 square ft per person, if you are going for the round ones, then you will be needing 12 square ft per person. So, let’s say you invited 20 guests and you decide to go with the roundtable, that means you will need 240 square feet of tent space, on the other hand, if you decide to go with the square ones, then you will need 200 square feet.

  • What’s the event like?

Another question to ask yourself is this “What type of event am I planning for?” if the type of event we are looking at is a graduation party or a wedding reception, you should be thinking of renting a bigger tent. And if you are also planning to incorporate a dance floor too or a place for someone to give a speech (or both), then it’s up to you to decide how big you want the space to be, and while you are doing that, you should also consider the total square feet.

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  • Where’s the location of the event

The third thing to look at is the location of the event. What we mean by this is where you’ve planned to pitch the tent for the event will play a major role in determining which type of tent you will use.

Tent Rental Near Clearwater & Tampa Florida Have Huge varieties of tents

There are two types of these. For instance, the frame tents are built on a number (if not any) surface and it also does not require any poles placed in the center which might disturb your ability to make use of the space within it.  Another type of tents that we offer is the sailcloth tent.

  • A tent is a Blank Artboard

Finally, you need to understand that renting a tent is like renting a blank artboard, you are still required to unleash your imagination and make it real, all you need is the right planning.


When looking for a quality tent rental Tampa can offer, look no further, we at Shore Tents and Events will offer you that exact piece you are looking for. We offer two major types of tents, the frame tents, and the sailcloth tent.

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