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Things To Consider When You Rent Event Tents

Tent & Party Rentals

Using a tent for any event such as a wedding, birthday party and graduation party, can prove to be the best option. But before you Rent Event Tents, you must keep this few things in your mind:

  1. Location of the event

It is important to understand that every type of tent does not suite every type of location. You should rent event tents according to the place where you are going to hold your event. Pole tents work best on grassy locations while frame tents suit the best on concrete surface places.

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  1. Time

You need to keep in mind the time of the year when you are planning an event with tents. You will need to adjust the temperature inside the tent according the weather.

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To keep you guests cozy in winters, you must keep portable heaters if the event is going to continue after the sun goes down. In hot weathers do not forget to put fans inside your tent to prevent stuffiness.

  1. Side walls of the tent

Side walls can prove to be a great option in any weather. They can protect you and your guests from sun and rain. You can choose from multiple styles of side walls such as; solid side walls, cathedral style windowed side walls, or simply curtains that you can open and close at anytime.

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The best way of having side walls at a tent event is to have side walls on two or three sides of the tent. This will give an open look to your event.

  1. Lighting

Lighting at an event matters a lot. You may either want your event to look decent and classy or funky and colorful. The right choice of lights can largely affect the look and ambiance of your event. For soft elegant environment you can use Christmas lights. If you want to create a colorful theme party you can use paper lantern lights.  Shore Tents and Events offers multiple styles of lighting to choose for your outdoor event.

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  1. Number of guests

Before you rent event tents you should be sure about the number of guests you are going to have at your event. You must choose the size of your tent according to the number of guests. You do not want to pile up guests over each other and make your event stuffy and noisy therefore, do not rent event tent that is too small. Tent size also matters when it comes to the decoration. If the tent is too big you might end up spending extra money just for the sake of décor.

  1. Color of the tents

You can transform the entire look of your party with color of tents. Colored tents add up in the decoration of your event decor ideas. They can also help you maintain the temperature inside your tent. light colored or white tents help in summer weather and day time events whereas black and other dark color tents look great in winters and night events.

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