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3 Tips for Renting Tables and Chairs For Parties

Imagine what your party would look like without tables and chairs – horrible right? When you host a big party, the top of the list should be your guests being able to sit down and feel relaxed. After all, it’s a party (more reason why they shouldn’t be left standing all day). If you still think that’s not tenable for you, well, the question is, are you planning to serve them food and drinks, if yes, then, of course, you will need tables and chairs.

In our last article, we talked about the basic calculation for renting tables, today, we will be talking about tips that will ensure you rent tables and chairs the right way. Meanwhile, it’s important to state that you need to rent tables and chairs uniformly, you don’t want a disjointed look when you are done decorating your party. So make sure to research well before choosing Chair Rental Near Clearwater & Tampa Florida services.

  • Always rent more than you will ever need

How much is too much? One of the first thing to always do when planning to rent tables and chairs Near Tampa Florida is to rent more than you think you will ever need. Some guests bring more than one other guest to a party and you end up with more guests than tables and chairs which can be very ugly, if that happens to you, how do you plan to take care of that problem?

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A good principle is to always add more (let’s say three to four extra tables) which will cater to more than 30 unexpected guests and two to four dozen extra chairs. This will save you the late time struggling for tables and chairs.

  • Look for rental companies with affordable prices

Looking for a rental company that will offer you these supplies at an affordable price is important. You should rent what you need from a rental company that will offer you these supplies at the right price, the main reason for this is because of the price is going towards the number of tables and chairs that you need.

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If you are looking to get a huge sum of tables and chairs, then going to a rental company where they charge so much won’t be a good idea. You should look for one that will offer you quality supplies at a discounted price. This is very cost effective, with the money that you’ve saved, you can invest it into getting something else for the party.

  • Where is the venue?

The last tip is to know what are the restrictions that exist for delivery and pick up. The regular delivery date is usually the day before the event and the pick up is usually a day after, so let’s say your event is slated for Tuesday, the delivery would be Monday while the pick-up date would be Wednesday or Thursday.

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Shore Tents and Events works closely with you to determine the delivery date, but notwithstanding, the smoothness of the whole process is determined by how well you prepare.

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