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Tips For Decorating Wedding Tables

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You must want to wow your guests at your wedding. To make it happen, you need to have everything just perfect at your wedding, from tents to décor and even furnishings. You may not find wedding tables at the top of your priority list while getting married, but they add a lot up to the overall ambiance of your venue.

Here are some ideas for wedding tables that will make your reception even better;

Select tables wisely

Before we dig into ideas for wedding tables, we need to start off with the basics for wedding tables. You need to choose the wedding tables for your reception according to the guest list. You can get smaller tables that can fit 4 guests each, to larger tables that can fit 8 to 10 guests. You may also have to decide what shape tables you would like to have at your wedding reception. You can choose from a variety of shapes such as round, square and rectangular shaped tables. Once you have selected the shape, size and number of tables that you need you can start off with the tablecloth and table décor ideas.

  • Vibrant Tables

Vibrant colored linens give a pretty presentation to wedding tables. You can decorate the tables with vases by dressing then up or wrapping them in ribbons and adding a table number written with elegant flower arrangements. You can also hang dinner napkins on the back of the chairs to add color. Vibrant tables look best when rounded in shape. You can get different sizes of round tables from a wedding and party rentals provider. Shore Tents & Events has the widest range of round tables of different sizes. They provide the best quality round table rentals near me.

  • Burlap Tablecloth

Burlap tablecloth works best with outdoor wedding reception setups. Burlap adds texture and an organic feel to the wedding setup and table decor.

  • Vintage China Setting

You can try finding vintage china at antique stores. It will not only help you keep within your wedding budget,  but its mixed patterns will help you make each setting special.

  • Seersucker Tablecloth

White or pink seersucker can be bought by the yard at any good fabric store. It is a beautiful and elegant alternative to pricey table linens.

  • Ornate Centerpiece

You can use an ornate iron basket filled with beautiful flowers matching to your theme color to make it a centre piece.

  • Dessert bar

If you don’t like cakes or don’t want to have one at your reception or you just want to do something different from others, you can give your guests an alternative of the wedding cake. This can be done by setting up a dessert bar with colorful candies or a diverse range of cupcakes and other sweet treats.

These wedding table ideas can help you make your wedding reception even better and praise worthy.

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