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Tips For Renting Wedding Tents


It seems easy to rent wedding tents, but there are many factors that you need to consider. These include how many guests will be attending, and whether or not you need room for any extra features, such as a dance floor. You’ll also need to ensure that your chosen setting is large enough to accommodate the tent that you want or the size tent that you need. All of these details can be tricky to arrange, which is why you need to consider them practically all at once before you rent your wedding tent.Choose Rent Wedding Tents services for wedding party arrangement needs.

Rent Wedding Tents

Pick Your Setting

The very first thing to consider when choosing to rent wedding tents is the setting. Can your chosen location accommodate a tent? Are you allowed to put in the temporary supports that will keep the tent upright and anchored throughout the ceremony and reception? Are there are restrictions that you need to be aware of? And on top of that, can you include more than one tent?

If you want to hold the ceremony in one tent and the reception in another, then you need a space big enough for all of these tents. You also need to include some additional things besides the tent, such as bathrooms, space for the caterers, and so on, which means that you’ll need a large space.

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Know How Many Guests Will Attend

Next, you need to have a good handle on your guest list. How many people are going to come to your wedding? You’ll need a tent that can seat them all. This is why it’s best to speak to an expert when choosing to rent wedding tents. Companies that specialize in these services, like us, are able to determine the exact size that you need and will be able to tell you whether or not it will fit in your chosen location. There’s a bit of an art to it.

Determine The Type Of Rent Wedding Tents Near Clearwater & Tampa Florida you need

Also, when deciding to rent wedding tents, you need to pick your materials. You have two main choices here – a tent made of sailcloth or one with a frame. The first is very romantic, as the fabric drapes nicely and allows in plenty of natural light. They went to glow a bit at night as well. The other type of tent, those with frames, are more rigid but have a higher ceiling clearance. Their fabric is much more opaque. It really comes down to the overall feeling that you want to evoke.

Frame Tent

Consider Including Room For Extras

On top of this, your tent needs to have space for extra things, like a DJ setup and a dance floor. You need to keep this in mind when trying to determine the size of the tent. On top of this, you might want some additional space for extra tables, should you have guests who didn’t properly RSVP.

If you’re ready to rent wedding tents, give us a call.  We can help you choose just the right one for your ceremony.

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