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Top Wedding Chair Decoration Ideas

Rent wedding chairs

Weddings can be a big deal. Your wedding is the biggest day in your life. You meet you loved one and also you get a chance to show off your creativity and taste. It can also be difficult to decide what kind of decorations to place on your wedding chairs.

Outdoor ceremonies are fun to attend but need to be arranged. Deciding upon all the decorations, venue, furnishings and tent styles can be nerve-raking. But thanks to wedding rentals providers, they have made this work very easy. You can get all kinds of wedding rentals from a good rental provider. For instance Shore Tents & Events has a wide variety of wedding rentals including a great range of cheap chair rentals near me. They have proven to be the best wedding rentals provider in Florida.

Now that getting wedding rentals is no big deal, you can start off with the decorations. Here is a wedding chair decoration guide for you to make your wedding one of the trendiest weddings:

  1. Easy Breezy

This wedding chair idea is the most suitable for beach weddings. It’s not at all hard to pull this look off. It involves whimsical chairs and simple ribbons in different shades. No need of fancy drapes or expensive silk bows. All you need to do is to tie the ribbons on the top of the chairs. This look is simple yet classy.

  1. Natural Green

Sometimes it can be difficult to incorporate greenery in your wedding venue. You can do this by decorating chairs with green leafy arrangements. You can add flowers of any desired color or type to make it look even better. Try this look on your big day for a green, natural and soothing ambience.

  1. A Tulle Tie

To create a chic look on your ceremony, you can do creative things with a tulle tie. Rent whimsical chairs and simply tie wrap the ivory tulle from one side of the top to the opposite side of the bottom of chair back. You can use any desired matching color of ribbon to tie it.

  1. Dry Arrangement

You might have not thought about incorporating dry arrangements in your wedding venue before. They actually give a beautiful elegant look to your venue if done right. Mix and match ribbons and fresh cut flowers to add color according to your theme and make your venue look elegant yet vibrant.

  1. Vintage Charm

If you are a person close to nature and you want to get married on a countryside, you must want decorations for your ceremony to be quite simple and vintage looking. To fulfill this look you can use burlap to decorate your chairs. Burlap can be used in many ways but keep it minimal and elegant and you can use wide cut stripes of burlap with soft shade lacey ribbons to create a voluminous bow on the one corner of your wedding ceremony chairs. You can add a small bunch of baby’s breath flowers to complete this elegant vintage look.

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